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Calvary Students

At Calvary we realize that middle school and high school are the hardest years that most of us will ever face socially and spiritually. With that in mind, we love students at our church with a passion. We put our students first and give them a community of support, acceptance, and love. We do this through great volunteer leaders and with the belief that it takes a village to raise a child. We do big events, intimate gatherings, mission trips, and powerful retreats all designed to grow our students closer to Jesus!

Be Real

We always want to be real with our students. At Cstudents we promise to always be authentic with our students never giving them fluff, but always delivering the truth in all its forms. 

Be Relevant

Our goal is to speak to the things that matter to students. We want to teach and help them navigate through the hard things in life as we celebrate the joys with them. We do this through social media, music, media, worship, and topical messages meant specifically for students.

Be Relational

The relationships that we form in life are some of the most powerful things that will ever happen to us. We believe that we need great relationships and great people we can count on to help us fully understand who Jesus is in our lives. We partner leaders and students to help them grow in their relationship with God. CStudents is not just a student ministry group but a family!

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